Just read the FP coverage of the F1 race last weekend, that shit is hilarious. SPOILERS BELOW THE JUMP!

Mark Webber is hilarious! He has my attention both as a great driver and an awesome comedian on the podium. After reading of just how much of a debacle the interviews were and just how awkward it was for all three involved, I went back to my copy of the race. I had stopped it at the end of the race. That FP article isn't even one bit embellished.


Well timed crotch thrusts have so much impact...

Also something I noticed, Hamilton and Vettel drank their champagne in a matter that the media could get some good pictures of them, Webber put his his back to the crowd, hahahaha.


Then we have Hamilton... What a lucky douchebag. Ran himself out of fuel to quickly, pits in the wrong area and still Brawn doesn't let Rosberg pass him, who was obviously faster and had the superior fuel strategy. But at least he listened to his team, unlike Vettel.

I am sure most of you know this already, but I felt like sharing.

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