Wrangler JL weld recalls and mini vans

Well, I was one of those suckers who got the recall notification from Chrysler this week because of the faulty track bar welds found on the JLs. I already had an oil change and tire rotation scheduled so I decided to go ahead and get it checked out while I was there. I read David Tracey’s write up the other week on the process of fixing if they were found faulty so I was kind of dreading heading to the dealer already. I knew it wasn’t going to be a same day thing so the dealership got me a rental. Oh what was I gonna get? A loaner rubicon? A grand Cherokee? Heck, I’d even take a renegade as a temporary loaner I guess. But no. My dreams were quickly crushed when they told me they couldn’t get me into anything else besides the tampon on wheels known as the Dodge Grand Caravan. I’ll keep it short and just call the driving experience atrocious. I felt like I was back in the interior of my 02 mustang with all the plastic surrounding me. 2 days, and no word. 2 days of constantly refreshing my email hoping to get word of what was going on. I passed the time by pouring over Jeep forums with pictures of the awful welds. It didn’t help.

FINALLY. I get the email from the service advisor- “Just got word. Your car is good to go!”


Upon reading this I forgot I was in a work meeting, stood up out of my chair and put both my fists in the air. Thankfully my coworkers felt my pain of the van and cheered with me.

So all that, for one big sigh of relief. Excited to keep prepping for my Big Bend trip in a week. Has anyone else been before?

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