Wrapping up my week in the UK/Ireland

Reason for travel was business but we had plenty of time to do some sightseeing around here. Drove a Citroen C4 from London to Swindon, Birmingham, and Manchester. Not a fan of the car or the way you Brits drive. I’m not used to this environment - quit tailgating me! Saw a RAF heli land at Kensington Palace and a Jag quickly scooped someone up and got out of the way.

It was my first time in Ireland and I liked it. The people are hospitable and they sure know how to feed you. Stayed primarily in Dublin but ventured out to Howth to look at some natural scenery. Quite pretty! Toured the Guiness and Jameson distilleries and even found time for a bit of techno at Pygmalion.


Now I hope kinja doesn’t fuck up the photos.

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