***spoilers, probably***

A great opening weekend for the season but not without tragedy. If any Oppos go to spectate at a rally, please watch from a safe location and remain alert,

First of all: the cars look great. I love the boxy, wide fenders and the huge wings. The cars appear to be terrifyingly quick with all the changes they made this year. Rally was always fun, but now it’s just more intense.

I’m sure Ogier is just a victory magnet - keeps his cool the whole time and goes from being a minute behind to a couple of minutes ahead. Incredible skills, but very intelligent driving as well since he’s always pushing, but is good at finding the right limit.

Tanak put up a great drive, too - I’m glad he still got the podium place since there’s not much he could do with the engine problems he was having at the time. Also, his finale to the power stage (and the rally) needs to be GIFed so that I can add some eurobeat to it.


The Hyundai looks impressive but it’s sad that I had to be reminded of that inconsistency Neuville can have. One small error ruined what looked like an inevitable win, or at least a podium place. Still, at least he had luck on his side for the power stage.

I’m happy Toyota was able to achieve points, although Latvala definitely had luck on his side, too. Still, he showed great pace at some stages by coming third, and he came second on one of the shorter stages. Only strange thing I noticed about their car was when Hanninen was doing his power stage run, the brakes were incredibly noisy - the squealing was intolerable.

Honourable mention: Breen. Doesn’t have any of the 2017 aero and is down 80 horsepower but still finished very respectably.


All in all, 2017 should be a fun one, and Monte Carlo never fails to excite.