It’s been a couple of weeks since the last round and there may be some newcomers to the story, so let’s begin with a recap. My WRX was t-boned by an Accord a few weeks ago.

That led to the first round of Guess the Estimate, won by Galileo Humpkins (aka Fellatio Del Toro).

Included in that estimate were all the visible items. Round 2 will be based on the additional damage found after they did the initial tear-down and put it on the lift to see the damage underneath.


Here are a few hints: there was additional damage found, primarily to suspension components; they agreed to pay for all four tires, minus a “betterment”; it’s a base model WRX; and the car is less than 2 years old with only 24,000 miles. Oh yeah, it wasn’t totaled.

Round 2 rules:

  • We are following the standard Price is Right format - the nearest to the price without going over wins.
  • You get two bids and only two bids.
  • If two people bid the same amount at roughly the same time (checked via the timestamp on the post), the second person has to change their bid and that change will not count against their two bids.
  • If you fail to change your matching bid, the person who bid first gets the bid.
  • Your bid must be a single number. Any ranges will be ignored. Bids in anything other than U.S. dollars will be ignored. I spent way too much time converting foreign currencies the last round...
  • The round ends February 1st, 2016 at 8:00am Central Standard Time (2:00PM GMT).

Happy bidding!