[Update] DANGIT! It appears I hit Publish instead of Draft while I was compiling this. The correct winner is below.

The Wrecked WRX is in the shop getting hammered, cut, straightened and fitted with new parts. The original estimate was $10,007.31. Since the original estimate, two supplements were issued, one for four new tires (minus a betterment on three of the tires), another for the additional suspension work required. Details? They didn’t bother to provide much, saying that the updated number will suffice.

So, here’s what I know. They decided I was right when I demanded they replace all four tires, not just the one damaged in the wreck. They subtracted a “betterment” of 15% given the remaining life of the old tires. The body shop said that both the upper and lower control arms were bent and needed to be replaced. They also left off a couple of critical components from the first estimate - clear coat and paint protectors (the appliques at the leading edge of the rear wheel well which protect from rock chips). It doesn’t seem like much, but all together the total increased by $1,497.50. Not nearly as much as I thought, but it is what it is.

So, the new total is $11,504.81.

And our winner is Synonym for a Big Rock, CO with a bid of $1!

All of the bids were too high, so in true Price is Right fashion, the lowest bid without going over won!


The old adage “If you don’t ask, they won’t offer” applies to every aspect of this process. So far:

  • They only wanted to replace one tire. AWD cars require all tires to match. It took some convincing, but they finally agreed to do the right thing.
  • I am filing all of this through my insurance and letting them subrogate the costs from the other company. The rental car so far has been handled to the limits of my coverage - all 30 days of it. Once my coverage ran out, I had to contact the other guy’s insurance and ask for them to take over the rental costs.
  • Once the other company agreed to cover the rental costs, I had to ask for an upgrade to a full size car since it is what I am currently driving and I need the space for all the track equipment I am carrying around.
  • I keep having to ask for copies of the paperwork, from the initial estimate through both of the supplements.
  • I have to ask for updates from the shop. I’m trying to keep those to a maximum of once per week. I don’t want to tick off the guys fixing my car.


Of course, there will be more to come....