I have mentioned in the past, that I consider myself a tool nerd. I believe in buying quality tools, within reason. There is the odd Snap On/tool truck piece here and there, but those are random loosies I managed to pick up at garage sales and whatnot. My wrench collection is mostly Craftsman and Master Mechanic, but was surprisingly lacking in bigger sizes, especially in the metric side. Most of my big wrenches came from a hilariously cheap no name set, that was made in India.

Si, when I happened upon a Black Friday special at Home Depot of the biggest gadamn combination wrench set I have ever seen, for under $50 to boot, I went for it.


This afternoon I finished rearranging the wrench board to fit it all. I am quite pleased. Many much wrenches!

I thought Oppo might be interested in the modifications I made to my surprisingly nice Harbor Freight tool cart.


Here’s the overall setup.

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