I had the day off work, so I did the following on the Prelude:

-Bought Chilton's manual on sale for $19.99

-Installed A/C and power steering belts. Power steering how works like a champ. Not sure how I like it yet, as I feel like my front wheels don't communicate as well as they used to. But parking and backing out of places is a hell of a lot easier.

-A/C apparently needs to be charged, but it's not R134a so none of the DIY kits will fit. Meh.

-Fixed the idle surge. It was caused by a broke thermowax valve, which is an incredibly redundant part. I just bypassed it completely by running the two vacuum lines together. This is the same thing nearly everyone else who's ever had an A20 motor has done, haha. Seems to affect the reliability none whatsoever.

-Adjust the idle. It had been running around 1,900RPM. I've now got it set to 900 cold and 1,100 when warm. It's a little higher than stock (700-800), but it seems smoothest where I have it. Now idles smooth and stable like a champ.


-Disassembled headlight motors and inspected them. 4 tiny little springs might fix my headlight issues.

-Traced out windshield wiper relay and disconnected it until I can replace the combination switch.

-Priced combination switch. $195. Ouch. Rain-X until next paycheck...

-Bought a connection adapter for the stereo. Doesn't fit. Fook.

-Ordered replacement faceplate for existing CD player instead.

-Fixed brake switch plunger.

-Installed parabolic rearview mirror. In an 1987 Prelude? Goodbye blind spots! Lol.


Next on the list:

-Hit up local junkyards until I find one with a car with compatible parts.

-Recharge A/C. If A/C doesn't work after that, I'll try replacing the compressor clutch. If that doesn't work, instead of buying a new compressor, I'm just going to do an A/C delete. Like a boss.


-Order corner lights. $90 off eBay! Ouch! But...they're the only ones I've found...

-Order combination switch.

-Re-stitch seat rips.

-Fix headlight motors.

-Various wiring excursions.

-Find source of exhaust leak. Patch said leak.

-Order replacement rear right tail-light lens.

-Find source of vibration over 75mph. Rear tires are brand new, so I know it's not coming from the rear. Feels like front left. Hoping for shock or spring and not wheel bearing.


-Wire AUX-IN to existing car stereo.