My Jeep keeps making this weird, sort of metal on metal grinding noise after being on the highway (towing) for a while. I can’t tell which wheel it is because as soon as it cools down, it stops making it, I suspect is the front brake, but it doesn’t pull one way or another, so it’d be weird if it was caliper on disc.

What is it?

I just got off the highway again (now settled down by a family member’s house) I can confirm that:

discs have just been rectified

I think the braking system was bled too (but its they normally don’t have best practices in mind and only do the barebones jobs)


Wheels were just aligned and balanced as well.

The entire front suspension was changed and so were the wheel bearings.

The problem is not reproducible in shop conditions (it only happens after sitting in a quite steep highway for 40-50 minutes)


At speed (talking 100km/h) it sits nicely and stable, no wobble or vibration on braking.