Changing the timing belt has turned into a 3 night event. Sunday night I ran out of light and got sick, tonight I was able to make do with a trouble light and flash light but the wife needs me to watch the pets now. Hopefully I can finish tomorrow night but the wife has surgery in the afternoon so we will see. That is why the plan was to get this done Saturday but life happens.


I want to replace everything with some rust on it, but I can only replace the parts I have. I am glad I found these good instructions with pictures. When it says use the starter for 1 second to remove the balancer bolt, don’t only use the starter for 1/10th of a second the car will start in less than a second.

This has been a pain. I feel like this timimg belt was not deisgned to be changed. (I'm changing the timing belt, water pump, power steering pump, and accessory belts.)

Down at the auto parts store, the owner was borrowing a obd scan tool.

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