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Wrenching day: getting the Teggy to run safely and properly... somewhat

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Me and 2 friends got to work the second we arrived at the car’s location, removing the bumper and fenders. We know that the engine runs, but when my friend started it back then it shot flames and he could only run it for a few minutes before it overheated. Today’s wrenching session was our first major step towards getting it running safer and adding more necessary components, starting with the radiator, coolant lines/radiator hoses, oil, coolant and miscellaneous filters. We attached the fan onto the radiator and cleaned out the gunk from the coolant that was oddly left in the engine, and fabricated a mount for the radiator to attach to the top of the subframe. It was surprisingly easy to assemble and install, even though it was all our first times doing such a job. We hit up AutoZone and Advance Auto for clamps, fluids, hoses and filters and made a quick stop to pick up some pizza and soda. I finished my share first, and since they were still eating and I had some time on my hands before we all got back to work on the Integra, I got permission from my friend to remove the bolt-on muffler (there’s another one from the factory as well but it’s welded on) from his 2016 Civic EX-T. It was a stupid little thing we all joked about during the car ride until we realized it can be done for the hell of it, so I did it. Sounded nice with a low, slightly louder grumble and wasn’t obnoxious in the slightest, surprisingly. Anyways, afterwards we got back to the grind and put on the lines and clamps and then replaced his ignition assembly (note to self: interior work in a small black car in the Florida sun is hell) and then it started to get dark and my dad wanted me home. I left and they are currently still at it, so I’ll update if they either finish or manage to break something. Either way, it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to finish it up with the shift linkage, crank pulley and axles to get it driving.


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