Wrenching Help Needed

Update: it’s been over three hours since I started trying to rotate my wheels, but I finally have two slightly-larger sockets, and plenty of new lug nuts. Time for round two!

It’s finally the weekend, so after I finished housework I went out to rotate the Volvo’s tires. Unfortunately the lug nuts are in such bad shape that I’m stuck now, so I need some advice. Help!

The portly nut

My main problem is that one of the lug nuts has swelled somehow, enough that it no longer fits in any of my sockets (19mm or 3/16”). Is there any trick, or do I need to go get a 20mm or 7/32” socket? Should I look for hex or triple square?

My secondary problem is that one of the other nuts that was also a bit bigger got stuck in the shallow triple square socket I had to use instead of the deep hex one, and now I’m not sure how to separate them. Does hot water get you enough thermal expansion, or do you need a torch?

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