Hello, oppo.

This is not my family’s Can Am commander 1000, ours is worse.

We bought it five or six years ago, I wouldn’t know for certain. What I do know is that I learnt how to drive in one, and so did my sisters and cousins. Whenever we weren’t learning we were thrashing it; at the tune of rolling it over twice.


It’s badly damaged, never been serviced. But, it runs. It also has to pass Spain’s vehicular inspection this summer. I was charged with a task for summer.

We will give you money so that you fix it up, or you will sell it. Since they don’t care about it anymore, I could go hog wild on it, I wonder what would befit such a build. It’s definitely getting wider with longer A-arms, trailing arms, and shock absorbers, new tires, and serviced... don’t forget servicing!

I normally spend the better part of a month there and we’re friends with the mechanic, so there’s plenty of time and plenty of tools.
I thought about doing a sequential gearbox from the wierd three wheeler but I would be giving up AWD. What else should I change?