... wish me luck with my turbo swap.

My wife trusts this dude at this battery place that claimed her car needed an alternator. It wasn’t putting out much and the battery had barely any charge after the pretty long drive out there, but it starts and runs fine, as it has for a long time. She started tripping out because we had two dead battery events in quick succession and that meant it needed something... I’m not sure I fully believe him, but that alternator is weird and controlled by the computer.

While I’m swapping it, I will also swap the serpentine belt. I also have the parts/stuff to do all the intake/MAF stuff listed in the recent Jalop tuneup article, and replace the spark plugs (which I’ve been threatening to do for two years but she didn’t believe I could do it without, “breaking my car”).

I wanted to yank the entire intake manifold off and clean the entire thing out, too, but the auto parts place didn’t have the gasket kit available.

Hoping this goes well. I’m usually good at this stuff, but this is the newest car I’ve ever done this much work on.