As many of you have read prior, the Shourmobile needs an uncracked exhaust manifold on the passenger side. Some of you might even recall that I discovered that new manifolds could only be sourced from Lexus to the tune of $600+. Several of you suggested hitting the junkyard as a far more affordable alternative, and I am ready to do so. With two weeks off of work proper, and living in the city of a thousand you-pull-its (seriously, it feels like El Paso is the junkyard capital of US when you drive around), I am ready to undertake this task.

*Peter Falk trenchcoat* Just got this one thing.

I’m not really a wrencher. Sure, I can change a tire, swap a battery or an air filter, replace fuses and bulbs...once, I managed to remove the passenger seat of my MX-6 to put in a new seatbelt connector. But generally speaking, wrenching is not my wheelhouse (I felt accomplished when I gutted a toilet and replaced a garbage disposal...two household repairs that are pretty much on the same level as changing a light bulb). Once I have a manifold, I will be paying someone smarter than me to install it. I just don’t really know how to uh...uninstall it...from a junked LS, should I find one. Heck, I don’t even know that I could visually inspect one to make sure it doesn’t leak like the one I currently have does. How hard is it to get it out? How do you get it out without a lift? Do I save the bolts? Would the junkyard put it on a lift for me?


This is very foreign territory for me, and all I want to do is to take care of the stupid exhaust leak because stupid CEL because stupid Texas has stupid vehicle inspection that stupidly instafails with stupid CEL.

And not pay $600+.

EDIT: This is how paranoid I can be. Rust and Dust suggested searching (awesome site), which shows a junkyard in Phoenix that specializes in Lexus dismantling, and they have the manifold for $100. They even do installation on some parts. I seriously gave thought to driving seven hours each way just to have it installed, instead of just having them ship it and having it installed here, which ANY RATIONAL HUMAN BEING KNOWS is cheaper and more convenient.

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