Soooo, I am having a full routine high mileage service conducted today on my Disco while having my brakes replaced (rotors, fluid, pads, and new stainless brake lines). Unfortunately, they won’t install my new HD steering rods or my u-joint rear driveshaft conversion. I had already planned on doing my own lift as it is pretty simple shocks and springs swapping, which I have done before when going from airbags to springs all around in 2013.

So I put it to you Oppo, what do I need and how competent do I need to be to replace my steering rods and rear driveshaft?

(This includes tools and skills)

Edit: Because I have not been clear enough “apparently”. What specialty tools do I need, that I would not already have in a decent tool kit?

Primarily this is directed towards TheBloody, hammerheadfistpunch, and 4muddyfeet.