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Wrenching Status Report

When we left the POS Camaro the engine was torn down to the long block and the heads were checked by a machine shop and found to be fine. I finished reassembling everything yesterday and after a few check, and a lot of coolant, today it was time to start it.

I splashed some gas in the carb, hit the key, and for some reason it started. I was caught off guard by that development. I thought I’d be messing with the timing for a bit. After letting it warm up I got the timing light out to set the idle speed and timing and, because I’m a fucking genius, didn’t notice the trigger wire laying in the header tube. Sigh. Anyway, after a bit of soldering I got that working again found the base timing was a bit off, 32 instead of 12, and now it almost sounds like a car. Next is to put a few heat cycles in to it and see if the coolant stays in the radiator or if it migrates to the oil again.


Cars are fun.

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