Writing car ads for cars you know next to nothing about is hard

Grandfather wants me to sell his 1988 Dodge Dakota on Ebay/Craigslist/etc. But it has had the most uneventful life. Bought from the original owner in 2001 with 121k miles at that point. Regular oil changes, new steering rack...driven 3k miles a year to run errands and daily breakfast/coffee visits to McDonalds to hang out will all the other 75+ year old men that hang out there. Drove it 80 miles in 90 degree weather to my house, the A/C worked and I was comfortable.

2WD, 8 foot bed, 3.9 liter V6, 3-Speed Auto, 159.9k miles


After I sell the truck he wants me to sell his Cadillac...which has even less history. He bought it on a whim in September, works fine, he's just got too many cars.

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