Me complaining about dumb stuff below. Here is a picture if you don't want to read Last week I came across a site that supposedly "pays" freelance writers to submit content. While I do not consider myself a "freelance writer" I did read some of the accepted articles and wasn't terribly impressed. I figured since I have had some success creating content here that Matt was nice enough to share to the FP why not give it a go.

I submitted some topics that I had already created pieces for. The representative said "Those are good topics but we want to see what you can do. We need an article that does brief reviews of mid-size sedans." They also want it in 3rd person style similar to Consumer Reports. Can I tell you how soul-sucking car reviews are to write! No wonder Jalopnik switched to their system, it wasn't for us. It was for their own sanity! So I submit my stuff, they said it was good and "might" publish it. I ask how exactly do freelancers get "compensated." Basically, you write something then use social media and whatever else to send traffic to the site. Once your article reached a certain page-view threshold you will get paid. Average pay is $25-$50 per piece. You know what... forget it. I will stick to writing here for free, no deadlines, no obligation and I have an audience that is responsive and fun.

Anyway, I have a new found respect for what Matt and company do. They all seem like they really enjoy what they write but I'm sure it has to be a drag on occasion. But I really think having a responsive audience makes a difference. I blogged for a little bit before Oppo but hardly anyone knew about my I stopped writing. Here I know people will read, agree, disagree and engage.

So thank you Oppo friends and Matt for keeping me motivated.