For the automotive enthusiast, especially the humble, striving ones like us have only a handful of conclusions in their lives as gear-heads. Regardless of race, gender, sexual preferences, country, etc. Become a presenter at Top Gear, write for Jalopnik or buy the cars we most cherish and then write on Jalopnik about it.

Becoming a presenter at TG is highly unlikely and writing for Jalopnik requires you to dip your hands in grease and go to war with the keyboard like you're underneath a project car to look at something you don't know and then Google for a solution or ask here. While I got featured here a couple of times, but that's as close as I am going to having a Jalopnik email and a visiting card so I can show off.

I like writing here, because Jalops have an appreciation for automotive literature over "Spotted, spied, this company just revealed this car, etc etc". But how I write is similar to how careers for many people take turns in their lives; prepare to be something all life and end up on a completely different job/ path. So I sat down to write something and this is where I got when I finished feeding words into Kinja.


The Automotive Culture has a lot of sub-cultures in it but we all browse Craigslists or other classified website to look at our dream cars and ascertain how far are we, the plan to get it, the probable time of execution of the plan and eventually, getting the car but by that time, that car is replaced with another but if you're stubborn, you'll stick with it.

A person has quite a difference between the personality they have in the online world and in reality.


It is the same case all over the world but if someone puts down a good enough questionnaire and asked around automotive forums and communities all around the world, I am pretty sure that the results will suggest that automotive enthusiasts belonging to a particular automotive sub-culture have similar activities and personality traits.

Marketeers can easily exploit this personality trait of enthusiasts of one sub-culture. But they haven't right now because, there has been no Petro-Sexual Handbook as of yet despite our capability to influence and convince.


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Chapter 1:

"Straight six in the front, manual gearbox in the middle and drive going to the rear. Page 1 Chapter 1 of the Petrosexual handbook." - Jeremy Clarkson


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Chapter 2: The Codes Of Communication

Having understood the existence of these cultures and sub-cultures that exists in the automotive community, we can be able to list them down like anthropologists for the ordinary people who look at them in awe. Keen to understand this diverse group of people, each involved in different types of vehicles with hate to either one pack or love for another.


Unlike popular belief, or rather unrealistic standards set by Hollywood, racing between traffic lights will not get you respect unless you and your pack just hit puberty in a Honda Civic; but to actually gain respect amongst your pack of enthusiasts, it is the knowledge and your willingness to help out your brothers and sisters in need of assistance.

In these packs, the newborn mostly refers to cars with model years to straight and baffled faces, while the elders speak only in code of vehicles. These codes are engineering designations mostly, never read or shown on brochures or material released to general public such as Mercedes W201, E46, 911/83, RKR, etc.


It is almost necessary for the enthusiast to have full control over these codes to gain acceptance in their desired pack.

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Chapter 3: Explaining Car Culture

Most of the packs have an appreciation and acceptance of various car enthusiasts but they are not enthusiast for all types of cars contrary to popular beliefs. For example; a track enthusiast will often find themselves at odds with the stance culture whereas only the members of stance culture know the difference between theirs' and Hellaflush.


Having been unable to spend time within all these cultures to become David Attenbrough of the automotive planet, due to lack of funds and a Jalopnik email, the understanding that hopes to describe these unusual form of cultures within our lives goes unnoticed.

With limited research and time spent in their habitat, I have identified and tried to describe these cultures and sub-cultures. Granted, I don't know all of them as they lack discovery, but those that are, can be put together in the voice of David Attenbrough.


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Major Car Cultures

Green Car Cultures:

Make no mistake, just because a person is driving a Tesla and the other is driving a Prius, the motivation and enthusiasm has vast difference in their choice of cars.


Tesla Culture:

The understanding is ambiguous, a pack have the love for cars but not for internal combustion engines, this pack believes in the future and is found doing whatever it can to buy Tesla cars and relax on their couch, writing and explaining how they've done their part for the Planet Earth and how they have become the early-adopters of the future.


Prius or Hybrid Car Culture:

Originally put into motion by Hollywood, there are variety of sub-cultures within the Prius culture. One segment bought purely as an icon for their service to the world. As Jay Leno described this pack in Top Gear, "...I am driving an unattractive car, because I am saving the planet โ€” see, in America, we want everyone to know the good work we're doing anonymously.."


Electric Car Culture:

The G-Whiz people can buy a lot of other cars minus the pain of the G-Whiz but they choose not to. They can't be described with the Tesla people because the EV people have different personalities.


Vintage Car Culture:

This subtle group of men and women eye attention to originality and genuinity in a car, even if the original part renders its durable for just 10 kms.

Classic Car Culture:

This particular group of people have been found to be in conflict over what cars they should be classified as Classic and not. They are consistently in battle with their selves, trying to define the definition of classic cars.


4x4 Culture:

Even in this culture, there are varieties of sub-cultures. There are some who buy the 4x4s as it is a raised station wagon, while a pack buys it as these 4x4s signify power and wealth so they can maintain dominance over their territories, and these mindless buffoons here, are seen to be trying to trek through a mud trail and ford a river.


Swap Culture:

This clan is notorious for buying a car noted for its ability swallow other engines in its body or..just swap engine in any car. The sub-cultures in this mega culture have variety of reasons behind a swap. Some create drift-cars, some just want the extra kick in their daily drivers, and some do it for their weekend project.



"If the engineers of the company didn't put this on the vehicle, there must be a reason and so you should avoid it." Words my Dad said to me when I wanted to gain extra horsepower by putting racing wheels on our Chevrolet Caprice when we were young and stupid.


Grown up, I understood but there are things you can do to actually improve but still, some people, even in my 4x4 group would rather keep every thing as it came from the factory because 10 years ago, some engineer put it research and sweat in making sure that this was the best combination over your few years of Googling experience.

Stance Culture:

VIP and HellaFlush are two profound sub-cultures of this fast growing culture where your scrapes the road, suspension and under-body is continuously tortured and you become an automotive handicap. Still, whatever floats your boat.


Truck Art Culture:

There is the Japanese Dekotora and Pakistani Truck Art as prominent sub-cultures within this world. The Pakistani pack treats their trucks as South-Asian Brides while the Japanese treats them as Optimus Prime on steroids.


Sports Car Culture:

Even if you don't have a sports car, there are people who can be reached through Google who will help you spend ridiculous amount of money on your beater of a car and turn it into a sports car or, you can buy a new sports car which the other pack in group prefers.



This is the hardest to define and people are still studying them, though we all love a nice proper Supercar.



I might continue if people below further entertain to educate us in the comments.