I can’t post the screenshots, but I will hand jam this.
My phone number is an old TN Area code, but I live in Florida. So I know when I get a TN area code number it is wrong. Thus...I get to have fun. This guy appears to be dumber than most.

Dude: Hey want to buy C series Mercedes
Dude: 4000
Azrek: No thanks. I am not a Mercedes fan and a $4000 dollar one sounds like a timebomb
*2 days later*
Dude: Come on. You have to come down on price. C series is lowest model and no one wants that. 4300
Azrek: I am only interested if it has Gullwings or is a GT.
*2 more days later*
Dude: 4800 for Mercedes
Azrek: Why do you keep raising the price on a car I don’t want?!
*3 days later*
Dude: Want to buy black Mercedes from fat black guy!
Azrek: Sorry, I only buy Mercedes from Eskimos. It is a firm rule.

Waiting for more...

I’ve tried to find the ad in TN that has my number associated, but so far nada...


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