Its 8 a.m on a cold Monday morning.I'm driving along enjoying the thrill of turbocharged all wheel drive and 8 inches snow with a good ice pack underneath.

There's a little orange light on the dash that's trying to tell me something. It begs me to heed its warning . But alas i am a stubborn fellow and there were sweet awd drifts to be had out at the local school parking lot dammit. I shall not be stopped by you sir a.b.s light.

I crest a hill start to ease on the brakes to slow down for a steep downhill section of road. Its a straight shot with a sharp hairpin at the bottom but its solid ice. About halfway down the brakes lock "Shit shit shit" we start on a unstoppable slide. My poor summer tires dig for traction but there's none to be had. Then i see it we are heading for a 15 ft embankment. And at the that very bottom of said embankment the wrx fulfilled it's purpose and met the tree that destiny had slowly grown for it over the years.

All dramatic story telling aside the subaru is going to be down for awhile. May the cabin fever begin.