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WRX is back!

Wife just picked it up, after 2 weeks or so. It started with Check engine light, code P0016, Crankshaft Position Sensor.

Dealership first told us it was just a loose sensor. Then they replaced the sensor. Then they replaced the cam sprockets. Then they replaced the OCV (oil control valve). That wasn’t it either.


Dealership contacted Subaru, and they told them to replace the ECM. We had to wait a few day, and it was finally replaced. That seems to have fixed the issue.

Somewhere in the meantime, they were supposed to replace the axle seal as well as it was leaking.


Now the car is producing smoke after arriving home, and I sure hope it is just grease or oil burning off the new parts. It’s smoking form this general area, under the oil filter. They did change the oil, so maybe some spilled on the engine.

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