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WRX is back - Swecon World RX of Sweden 2020

Totally forgot about it but WRX Sweden in Höljes is happening this weekend with a full event each days (like F1 that did 2 times the same circuit in 2 weeks except it’s 2 times in 2 days here) unlike other years where it was one event span over the weekend.

Today event has it’s qualifications 1, 2 and 3 that are on the WRX Youtube channel but it’s missing the Q4, semi-finals and finals unfortunately which probably means that they are now putting less content on Youtube than the previous years where only semi-finals were only available to pay per view users :

And there is a finals highlights :

If you want the results of every rounds, it’s available here.

ps: the official website is not even mentioning where/how all of it can be watched or at least i haven’t found out...


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