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WRX STI - 3 Month / 3000 Mile Update Notes

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Things I like:

  • No more break-in period! Life is much better now that I’m allowed to occasionally wind out a gear or three.
  • Speaking of gears, the shortened 3rd in this car (new for the 2019 MY) was a little weird at first but it’s really grown on me. It affords a little more low-speed flexibility in a car that doesn’t like low revs, and it tops out around 75, which is just about perfect for accelerating onto highways.
  • It’s still fun to drive in general and the above average NVH has yet to bother me.
  • OEM tires are actually decent. They’re Yokohama Advan Sport V105s, which feel almost as good as my other >200TW favorites.
  • Modern infotainment w/ Android Auto after going 10+ years without so much as an AUX jack. The UI isn’t half bad to work with either.
  • Auto climate control is much smarter and less dramatic/intrusive in its operation than it was in my Outback XT.
  • DCCD and SI-Drive actually make a difference in how the car drives. I’ve mostly been gravitating towards Auto- and Intelligent for normal daily driving. I’ll occasionally bump up to Auto for rain or Sport for fun.
  • The handful of longer (4-6 hour) trips I’ve taken with it have gone well. No major complaints from rear seat occupants so far, just some general remarks that it’s a little smaller than the OBXT was.
  • WRX waves are a thing.
  • Having something practical/comfortable enough to easily reach fun roads away from home and then thoroughly enjoy them once I arrive.
Not exactly a heroic-looking drive, but there’s only so much that one can get out of a wide-angle lens and a healthy respect for visibility limitations.

Things I don’t:

  • Fuel economy, obviously. 20-21 MPG on the daily grind and topping out around 25 on long highway trips isn’t exactly surprising or much different than the OBXT, but it still isn’t good either.
  • The WRX gets an oil temperature gauge but the STI doesn’t.
  • DCCD reverts to Auto every time the car starts up.
  • Obscene amounts of brake dust.
  • Seat bottoms could use a little more bolstering to better match the sides.
  • I have to sit a little further back than I’d like to prevent my shin from occasionally banging into the bottom of the dashboard while operating the clutch.
  • Disabling hill hold (as I have done) and leaving it off (which the car thankfully remembers) results in a constantly illuminated gauge cluster light. This is the same light that is normally used to indicate hill hold system failures...
  • The big wing tends to attract stupidity. Fortunately, most of it tends to quickly depart after I refuse to reciprocate.
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Things I’ve changed/added:

  • Tint: Llumar ceramic 80% on the front side windows and 50% on everything behind them. I wanted to remain legal in all the states that it’s likely to visit (and then some) and not be awful to drive at night (like the husband’s FR-S is with its 20-35%). It has been surprisingly good at mitigating heat in spite of being lighter than what most people opt for.
  • PPF: XPEL full front + side skirts. Unfortunately I did have one rock chip beat me to the punch :-/
  • A dash cam (Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO). Routing the power cable through the dashboard, windshield trim, and headliner was easier than expected. Only two bandages worth of wounds were suffered.
  • RallyArmor mud flaps. They worked well on my OBXT, so I was happy to give them my business again. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they now provide metal reinforcement brackets (at least for this application).

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