WRX update 9: Fuck the bearing assembly, I'm just going to take the knuckle out.

I already have a great pickle fork (who named it that?!) + map gas torch and every single bolt looks large, fresh, and accessible. I haven’t even touched these with penetrating fluid yet, and will give them a few rounds over the course of the day tomorrow before touching anything.

This this will present me with an opportunity to either:

A - finally get the bearing assembly out now that I have access to it (imagine that?!)


B - decide that I can’t even be bothered and order a complete knuckle with everything already attached for a whopping $300.

Don’t don’t do projects kids. That said, despite my previous depressive, first world problems filled rant about working outside in the cold, I’ve come to accept this for what it is: an unintentional tuner car build that just so happens to be nearing completion at the start of the driving season in New England. I’m sure there will be teething problems with the new setup, but I’m not doing anything radical here; just a full exhaust + intake and a tune plus a big brake upgrade.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel: 60 more lb-ft and 50 more HP than stock in a 3150LB car. 2X more brake pistons and a lot more volume too. Just revving the car to 2500 RPM once warm (any higher = all the fuel gets burned) makes enough crackles and pops if you get it just right that you’d swear the car was one of these newfangled Rice Krispie machines with prepackaged snap crackle and pop. I can’t wait for wide open throttle pulls, they’re going to be so much more dramatic. Exhaust aside, the Cobb SF intake is about a foot long and purportedly makes your Subaru sound like a jet engine under full boost...

The the next few days are in the high 40s so hopefully that means update 10 coming soon. The only thing left after this bullshit is installing the new brakes.

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