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WTF? (Updated)

*UPDATE* It fucking happened again. Literally the second ever time I leave the car outside for an extended time and then when I went out to fill my tires (winter temps, no TPMS) I noticed a lugbolt gone from I think the same wheel too. Cameras caught nothing. I was inside the damn house. So I reported it to the cops, and the neighborhood, and now I need more home defense. Anyone know where to buy a cannon?

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For the first time since moving in 4 months ago I left my car outside the garage last night. I’ve never been worried about crime in this area and have left other nice cars out there. Anyway some fucker stole ONE LUGBOLT. I only saw while svending the car and had to get to Porsche writing t minutes of their parts department closing. WTF is wrong with people? Fuck them.

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