WTF are they trying to say?

OK, I’m exhausted and recovering from a bout of food poisoning (I love Indian food, but it doesn’t seem to like me), so my comprehension level isn’t all that great right now and need someone to tell me if this bill is covered or not or only partially.

A couple of months ago I dragged my ass into the office against my better judgment since I was still on probation. My boss took one look at me and called 911 and had me hauled off to the hospital as I apparently looked like death warmed over (and I felt about the same, so looks weren’t deceiving). They took me over to the ER and I was diagnosed with a severe migraine; this is not the first time I’ve ended up in there because of this, but the last time was over a decade ago.


About a month ago I received some sort of notification regarding the ambulance/EMS services, something about having to pay nearly $300 of a $777 bill; had I known it was going to be so high I would have had someone drive me there instead. Today I received a multi-page document from the insurance company that I cannot interpret. The important line seems to be “...the original decision to process ambulance services at the In-Network benefit level not allowing 100% of billed charges on Septermber 08, 2016 is upheld”. That sentence alone is going to give me another migraine as it borders on the unintelligible. So, is any of my ambulance trip covered by my insurance? Is it all covered? Is none of it covered? What are they trying to tell me?

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