Marussia led the way today in Barcelona. Taking more than 3 seconds off their qualifying time this weekend they had the fastest lap of a 1:26.434 on a day of primarily wet testing. The lap was posted by Max Chilton. Lotus reserve driver Charles Pic was second quick with a 1:26.661 followed by Lewis Hamilton who ran a 1:26.674.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I realized that 1) Marussia was fastest 2) they were 3 seconds faster than they were in qualifying and nobody else was faster than they were in qualifying and 3) they would have finished in the top 5 if they had that kind of pace.

I then thought about it and realized there is something unsaid about that lap time. In open tests the teams are not restricted on the tires they can use. The race weekend featured the medium and hard tires. There's a good chance this lap was done on soft or super soft tires. Even still a 3 second gap between medium and super soft tires is a huge gap unless they were testing the 2015 Rubber for Pirelli.