I am sitting at work here in cloudy California and I get a call from Integra Tire in Burnaby. A very asia accented women looking for 4 Continental Sport Contact 5Ps. Ok, never heard of this place, but whatever as parts it is my job to sell tires. Then without having time to write it down she rattles off the manufacturer part number of 03561700000. I wrote down 03567910000. Close, but when I repeat it to her for verification she makes a confused sound and gives me the size. I ask for the make and model so I can look up the right speed rating and lo and behold they are not an avaliable tire to order. That is when things get interesting. Because she is yelling at me that my website says they are in stock and I know for a fact our dealership website doesn’t show that. So I ask her who she is trying to contact. “D(orB)C Tire.”

“Mamme, this is redacted

“Who? I want D(B)C Tire”

“Ma’am this is redacted. You have the wrong number.”

“oh.....” *click*

She just hung up. No apology or anything. I though you were all supposed to be nice people. JK JK, I do love Canada the couple times I have been there. Just how the fuck did she call a dealer in California?

Hmm... hope it cost them a lot to call here