What happened while I was gone? Go to a funeral, and come back to mayhem... What was this big post I hear reference to?

Oh well. My grandfather died last Sunday, so I drove up Wednesday from Ohio to Kenosha, Wisconsin, home of AMC... It was ok, but I had to drive about ten hours with unhappy passengers—my 1-yr old, my 5-yr old, and the wife. The funeral was Thursday, and I was a pallbearer. Whee. Friday, I headed back home. Yay. Arrived home around 1am, after many more stops than I would have preferred.

Our hotel sucked ass, it was a Super 8, which I thought was the name of an archaic home video film, but apparently the hotels are about the same era. The entire place smelled of cheap cleaning supplies, a previous guest had left a few pizza boxes in the tiny fridge, which smelled pretty ripe, and the door took a body-slam to open.

However, the saving grace of the trip, and the stay there, was the AMC cars in the parking lot. Unbeknown to me beforehand, there was a big AMC (and any other cars made in Kenosha) car meet that weekend. Sadly, I wasn't going to be around Saturday or Sunday to see the main events, or even the swap meet on Friday, but there were a good amount of nice cars in the parking lot over the two nights we were there.



I wish I could have been to the car show. I was told they expected 3000 cars. Perhaps another Oppostle was there and could share photos...


I have more to post about, but it will have to wait for now.

BTW, I want the AMX.