WTF is going on with iTunes?

OK, I’m getting back into the Mac now that I’ve built my Hackintosh, and I’m having difficulty understanding the latest (v. 12.7) iTunes. I know it’s never exactly been a model of efficiency and user-friendliness, but it seems to have gotten a bit worse.

From what I’ve read, iOS apps have been removed from iTunes. Oooooh Kaaaay - now what? How do I manage my apps? How do I back them up? How do I add or remove them from my iOS devices? Is there another app to do this? I don’t know WTF is going on and could use a little insight as to do, well, anything. I can’t even tell how much space apps are taking up from within iTunes; it shows other stuff using space, but not apps.


So, what am I failing to understand?

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