“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

Mrs. Snuze crashed her Lexus RX330 a couple weeks ago. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the Lexus was totaled. We got a pretty good chunk of change back from insurance, despite it being 14 years old. So we’re looking for a new vehicle, and as everyone knows, I’m a big GM guy. I fell in love with the new GMC Terrain. I really had to push to get the Mrs. to try one, but once she did she was amazed at how nice it was. Her words during the test drive were “I can’t believe how nice this is! I thought GMC only made crappy work trucks”. And I really am hoping we can get one, it’s super nice, especially with the 2.0L Ecotec Turbo engine.

Anyways, the one we test drove was good but didn’t have quite all the features we were looking for. So I poke around online and I find a really nice Denali listed online for $34,322 vs. a window sticker of $43,300. So I go check it out and get talking to the sales guy. The $34,322 price is based on all possible GM incentives and rebates... none of which I qualify for. They will still hook me up by selling it to me at their “invoice” though, which is $40k. I pretty much told them to GTFAC.


I mean really, let me get this straight, GM has all this extra money built into the price of the vehicle that they can give away, but only if they feel like it based on some nebulous criteria, like I *DIDN’T* own one of their vehicles previously? Give me a break.

I gave the dealer a piece of my mind and told him to call if he can meet my number. Otherwise we’re buying a new car Saturday. I think Oppo will approve of our other choice.

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