Today I was searching some rims for a friends Neon, and was settled for a size of something like a 16x8 or 16x9, guess what: Mission Impossible, how comes there are SO MANY bolt patterns? in this day and age?

Hell, trying to find something in those sizes and bolt pattern is hell.

Then started reading about how manufacturers do their best effort in making things complicated, how a modern WRX has a 5x100 pattern and the STI has a 5x114.3, how some old mustangs came with 4 Lug rims, how the Focus ST has a 4x108 pattern.

Dem Fiats with their 4x98, HELL even the Miata that came with 4x100 up until the NC which came with 5 lug, and apparently the ND is coming with 4 Lugs again.

Not to mention those 8 Lug Pontiacs.

I know there has to be a reason different lug patterns are needed, like 4, 5, 6, 8 lugs BUT then, why is it so necessary to have *sub patterns* why not make all the 4 bolts same size, all 5 lugs, etc.


Am I the only one that thinks that wheel bolt patterns are in serious need of standardization?