Oft am I curious of the shrunken images next to your names; mostly the cars I can't make out or some cool gif...or anime reference. If you're into that. Blow that Shit up.

My most recent is a cat playing a shamisen, from 16th century Okazaki, Japan-The birthplace of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. . . f*cking no one was going to get that so I felt it needed its own post.

I fell off the (brown diesel manual) wagon having gone cold turkey on 'Oppo for a while, but I'm back with slightly better self control. A joyous part of this experience is looking forward to the content of those familiar faces.

Something worth reflecting on because I've often changed my name and avatar, also Feel kinda bad I'm not following anyone. *Mr Jeff Simmons cleared my question of seemingly having like 2,000 followers when really its something to do with Authorship.*



My GSX fender just after it was painted Dupont's Jaguar British Racing Green + green pearl enthusiastically applied by vocational students. Pimpalicious in the sunlight!

Fun rallycross in ankle-deep mud when I still owned the Wolfsburg. 1st place betchesss.


My Newfoundland buddy Fenrir (Fenry, Fin, Funny) as a Puppy. 155lbs of fluff and adorable squeals now, exploded a hole through our plastic fence like Hercules in the movie Sandlot, going after a rabbit. His moody sister Starr caught one of em and bit it in half. Its been an eye opening relationship.