WTF, man?

A lawyer I know who is some kind of something with the State Bar told me my name is getting tossed about again in those hallowed halls of corruption. I have seen terrible things in my time as a lawyer, abuse and thievery and lies that stripped me of my idealism for the practice of law. And these motherfuckers want to pass judgment on me.


The irony of all this is that a bunch of lawyers came up with this Kafkaesque system where the investigation can stay open forever, and I have no ability to bring it to a conclusion or even find out where it stands.  We haven't heard from them in over a year, after we gave them everything they asked for.  My lawyer sent them a letter asking for status, and they ignored it.  Now these whispers.  It never fucking ends.  Oh well, business as usual.  My life is not normal.

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