Went to the local watering hole last night and heard this story which happened in my hometown. An 80 y/o man who is a semi regular at said bar got attacked by a salesman from the local VW/Audi/Mercedes dealership in his own home.

Gustl is a sweet old guy who still plays tennis and is in great shape for his age. He also likes motorcars from a company in Swabia. So he ordered an E 250 specced to his liking from the local Mercedes dealership, which he has been in business with for ages. A delivery date was set, and he bought train tickets to pick the car up in Stuttgart, then it was postponed, again and again.

Finally, at least a date for handing over the title and plates was set. At 7 o’ clock in the morning of that day, the salesman showed up at Gustl’s house. He was a bit surprised but asked him to come inside. He also found it a bit odd that the guy asked for a tour of the house, but being the polite gentleman that he is, he showed him around. During this tour he got pushed down the stairs which you can see in this picture, and hit in the head with a log of fire wood.

He managed to alert a neighbour and is alive and quite well right now. He was scared that his pacemaker got damaged, but everything seems o.k. The dealership was quick to explain that the salesman got fired immediately and that he was visiting on his own time. Delivery date is now set for July.

Where it gets sketchy is the fact that there seems to be something wrong with the order for the car, and that all employees of the local newsrag got banned from ever entering the premises of said dealership group again for running this article:


This is a rather small community in the outskirts of Munich, so news spread fast. They were only running the story because everybody was talking about it anyway. In case your German is lacking a bit, they are only stating facts. No accusation or speculation in there.

So why ban them if the dealership has nothing to hide? The salesman acted alone on his own time, kept up a professional appearance up to the incident, and was immediately fired when they got wind of this development.

As of now, I don’t know whether anything was stolen from the house or what the plan was. Getting the full payment for the car? Well-off older guy who might have something valuable at home as an easy target? Word of mouth is that there is something wrong with the car order. Did he/they try to sell a non-existing car?


I’ll keep you updated!

Oh and BTW, the salesman is under investigation but never got arrested.