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WTFNPOCP: Ls1 Turbo S10?


I know, I know. I'm the same as you guys. I read the title to the ad and though, "Well how in fucking fuck does this guy expect to leave his garage without literally exploding the entire drivetrain into lethal shrapnel?" Well fear not. If you scroll through the pictures in the listing, you will be comforted to see that it appears the entire build was done in the seller's garage, and when your on fucking Craigslist, you ain't doing it right unless everything is done in your own garage. As everyone knows, if its on Craigslist, it's the real deal, and this S10 is sporting a "Something Something Customs" Banner on the windshield, loud and proud, to prove this isn't your normal S10. Have no fear, if people don't notice your blatantly ridiculous bright red pickup rumbling down the street and think "Hey, what the hell is wrong with that guy?" They will once they see that Custom banner. The seller also sourced his parts properly, stating that the engine "was removed from my 1999 vette when it was wrecked." From this, we can also gather that the car was driven kindly and without abuse, once again telling us that although the title may seem intimidating, this thing definitely won't blow up. And to draw it all together, the seller has ensured reliability by swapping in an Automatic transmission. This is one hot truck you don't wanna miss.

**Disclaimer**- Yes, I realize I'm being a dick, and if I do this long enough I may eventually come across an Oppo-ers car (not likely but possible). Please realize I am just poking fun and am acutally envious of you, the builder, as I am certainly in no way shape or form capable of building something like this. My message to you, the builder, is do not fucking post on craigslist. Thank you


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