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WTH happened to the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk?

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It just came and went. You don’t really hear much about it. Was it low production, did it flop, or both? 2019 sales figures I found they only sold 1,693 last year. An inventory search shows that there aren’t many around me locally either. I found 9 within 150 miles, all priced $94-$99k. Used they go for almost new prices. Almost. Prices range from $67-$99 grand with a few hundred miles on the clock. Other than that, I’ve never seen one out in the wild. I really don’t know who Jeep thought the buyers would be for this. SRT-8 owners who want more power (modding with Mopar parts is probably cheaper)? Or trying to get AMG and M buyers over to the brand? I don’t know.


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