WW2 Prize Patches Picked This Weekend

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Picked up a bunch of these old patches this weekend from an estate sale. Turns out they’re a pretty interesting subset of military patches to rally the youths back in the day. They’re a mixture of gas station giveaway and cereal box prizes circa 1940s-ish. They are all thin canvas printed patches. In researching them, I found out there were definitely a bunch of iterations of squadron patches - kind of neat to see how some evolved actually.


Mostly sharing because I think oppo has some military buffs that would enjoy seeing them, but I’ve also got them for sale! $10 each shipped in the US

From top left to right (from what I’ve found, please correct me if I’m wrong), squadron and how many I have currently:

Tongue out, goggles dude (some said Fiend?): 36th Fighter Squadron - x7
Crossed Arrow/Sword: 55th Pursuit/Fighter Squadron - x9
Bowling: 19th Bombardment Squadron - x0
Wolf (ish): 49th Bombardment Squadron - x2
Panther: 35th Fighter Squadron - x1
Hawk (?): 27th Pursuit Squadron - x8


I’ve been researching actual values. They’re all over the place, so I’m not sure what they’re truly selling for. If anyone is interested drop me an email tyspamming @ gmail. com and we can make it happen



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