What would OPPO do?

Saturday morning I was on my way to a meeting for a side job. Not really what I want to do. I’m tired from my son waking us up all night long. I’m traveling thought a residential area on a road that is 40 mph. The woman infront of me sees another woman on the side of the road waiting to cross with her stupid little dog. This woman stops to let her cross.(note in the photo there is no crosswalk)


While this may be a nice thing to do, it also nearly caused me to bumperfuck her car into next week. I wanted to go bumperfuck her face, or yell obscenities out the window but then I would look liek the asshole so instead i took a deep breathe and cursed her out in my own private penalty box of a non-ST Focus.

enjoy my FoCK from the other night (i think if i have time I might stretch the bed 6" or 1' tonight.

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