Hi Oppo

I want to get a little feedback. I recently had some all seasons put on my car to drive it from now until real snow sets in and then be able to drive my car in March; accepting that I won’t really drive it in January/February.

I bought the tires online and had a shop do the install/balance and an alignment.


When I got the car back I noticed a slight shake through my steering wheel at 60-65mph. I never noticed this before the new tires.

I brought the car back in and asked them to check the balance. The shop tech showed me a slight wobble on the inner side of my front wheel(likely a pothole from the past), and it is very slight. It only really was apparent because he had this little arm that swung into place that should slightly drag on the wheel all the way around and on mine it skipped where the bend was and he said the balance was good and he thinks the bend in the rim is what I’m feeling. He said it was small and there is no crack so it’s safe to drive on. I asked why I couldn’t feel it before and he wasn’t sure.

I rechecked all my suspension stuff at home and nothing feels loose and the guy who did my alignment didn’t notice any thing that needed replacement in terms of bushings, ball joints or tie rods.

So here are something solutions I’ve considered:

-it’s the wheel and I can try to find a new one to replace it.

- it’s a tire problem but because the shop didn’t sell me the tires they aren’t really wanting to deal with it.


- I don’t think they road force balanced the tire, just regular balanced . Maybe finding a shop that uses that method could help?

Any thoughts Oppo?

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