I’m strongly considering selling one of my 1/18 models that’s worth around $300. With that money I have 4 options:

A) Save it. I’m in college. Financially I’m ok but have no income since I’ve been unable to get a job. I do have an emergency fund but obviously more padding the better.

B) Pay for my college. I owe my parents some money for college and this would go a decent way towards paying that debt.


C) Put it towards a new phone. My current phone is a 2 year old Motorola Droid Turbo, which is aging rapidly. I’d be looking at getting a new/newer iPhone, partly for the connectivity to other iPhones (plus I like the features, among other things).

D) Buy an ECU reflash for my TSX. It’d increase the power, the torque, lower the VTEC point, raise the rev limiter, evens out the torque curve, and improves fuel economy. Also there’s no reliability issues from this that I’ve seen, but make this change to a car with 192k miles is concerning. Still I think it’d be fun and really help the weak points of the driving experience.

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