WWOD? (What Would Oppo Do?) Part 3 of me getting a new SUV

Okay, so we got the numbers.

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I did a LOT of math with the numbers.

There’s a $75 per year registration tax in Wisconsin for hybrids, so I factored that in.


There’s a 20mpg city MPG difference between the Hybrid Escape, and the V6 Cherokee, so I factored that as well. (with gas at $2.50 per gallon, if it stays near there)

There’s a $78 per year insurance difference, the Escape being higher. Factored that as well.


Unless I’m missing anything, there’s only a $6.50 to $16.50 difference in the two per month with all the factors included. Not a big difference, especially when spread out for the term of the lease.

We’re paying MORE per month for the Escape, including at registration time and insurance, but less at the pump.


We’re paying MORE at the pump for the Cherokee, but less monthly for the payment and insurance.

I personally like the Escape more for its features (full cluster screen, HUD, more back seat room, more cargo area room), quiet engine, and nicer ride (I’m going to drive one again tonight just to be sure) but wife likes the Cherokee more.


I like the Cherokee’s front seats more, and ability to shift the trans myself, but I am not a fan of the shifter itself. I’d prefer a dial with paddles. The Ford has a dial, but no paddles (its a CVT anyways). It rides harsher, and the engine is loud and kinda drone-y.

Styling is not an issue, but I would like to be one of the first Escapes on the road around here. I’ve seen exactly ONE since we started looking last week, and it was from Florida (in, Wisconsin, in the winter. odd). I see a bajillion Cherokees on the road every day.


I would make money on parts and service sales at work if the Jeep breaks under warranty... if the Ford breaks the money goes to our sister store. I do not get a cut of thier profits, sadly. Plus working here having a Jeep would be advantageous in other ways. With the Ford I’d pretty much be owning a ‘competitor’. Plus look funny driving it while wearing MOPAR stuff...

So what would you do, Oppo?

I’m starting to lean towards the Jeep now, when last week I was a Ford convert. Its not JUST the money, its the whole package. 

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