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WWYD, and...keep an eye on your kids

I ran into one of my neighbors this weekend, and he told me a little story about how his week had gone. He received a knock on the door, and had a person ask if he had a child named -redacted-. Obviously, he was concerned when an adult was asking about his 7 year old, but then he became dumbfounded when he found out why. The child and a friend decided it would be fun, after they found a sharp rock, to go up and down their block and write their names on more than a dozen cars. On multiple body panels, on each car. Most, if not all of them, are newer vintage vehicles.

It sounds like everyone involved is being fairly reasonable. I know my initial reaction definitely would’ve spiked my blood pressure.


Picture of my old Miata in my old neighborhood for no real reason other than to have a picture in the post.

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Photo: Me

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