Glickenhaus SCG003 Stradale, 3rd place in Night One with 12/56 votes.

It’s the battle of those at the bottom of the barrel, though I’d be hard-pressed to call them losers, which is why I, Wheelerguy, will personally take you to my home province of Quezon, in the district of Gumaca, where much of my extended family is based.

The cars are lined up near my house, pre-filled with petrol. The route to where me and my folks will be staying this Saturday is 214 km long. We depart at 1 AM. You depart 3 hours earlier so the film crew have headway.

You may be thinking twice in taking Señor Glickenhaus’ car, but the roads have since been smoothened, and the Quezon National Park Diversion Road is one epic stretch with amazing, fast, and technical corners. On the other hand, the Jaguar has loads of room and cargo space, and it’s not like the Audi is no slouch, either.

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