Our CPU is a bottleneck in X-Plane VR. As it turns out, X-Plane continues the FSX tradition of being an absolute CPU hog. All four cores maxed out while the GPU’s only running at 30%. From what we’re reading online, it’ll take a 5 GHz CPU overclock to get stable framerates in VR with very high settings, but we’ve found ways to mitigate it while still getting amazing results. Just....holy smokes I can’t even describe how awesome it is.

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The immersion is absolutely insane. Wanna check your airspeed? Just look down. Trying to find the runway? just crane your neck towards the windscreen a bit. I’ll even swap my throttle controller and my joystick with each other to better emulate the aircraft I’m flying. When the headset is adjusted correctly I’ve found the lines between reality and the game to blur a bit (especially after taking the headset off, my body feels like it should be flying). My landings are also exponentially better in VR and I was already pretty good at landing planes.

I especially like X-Plane’s damage system as it makes it a lot easier to replicate historic aviation accidents than FSX’s system. Lately I’ve been trying to land a 737 with a single engine and failed elevator controls. I’ve also been trying to land a 737 at Lukla...albeit unsuccessfully.

I now want to experience every game in VR. :D

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