The other day, I told you all how my Xbox was currently indisposed on the eve of Forza 7's release. Well, since then, I’ve tried a few new remedies, and I’ve gotten nowhere. Today, I caved, and chatted with Xbox Customer Support, and here’s what they told me.

So, one of the means by which I learned this issue could be fixed is by using a Windows PC to format the console and download the update that way. This is a great idea and all, but there’s an issue...I use Mac (I know, I know, but I’m not about to switch back to PC over this). The main issue at stake here seems to be that I have shitty internet, which is causing the update to error out.


Due to the lack of PC, I’m left with one of three options:

  • I can find and ask a personal friend with a Windows PC to do the formatting and downloading for me
  • I can go to a place of better internet, lugging my Xbox and TV along, to download it there
  • I can travel to Atlanta to one of the Microsoft stores and have them take care of it.

And that’s where I stand now.

On the bright side of things, I restarted a new career in Gran Turismo 6, which is easily beating out Forza on a personal level right now.


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