So, during the course of the week I’ve been telling you all the tales of my Xbox One, how it’s not updating, and the possibility that I might have to carry it to Atlanta just to get it fixed. To sum it all up, my Xbox was reading an error which caused the system update from two months ago to constantly restart, leaving me game-less for over a month now.

There is good news now, as I finally have gotten it to work! I have my mom to thank for this one.


Yesterday I was relating the story to her, and telling her that I planned to carry it with me to Atlanta next week when I’m at the Gorillaz concert in Duluth, so the Microsoft store could take care of the update for me. She then asked me how come it wasn’t updating all of a sudden, when it had done so easily before. One thing led to another, and I suddenly had the harsh realization that I had just moved to another part of the house, across the property from my old room which was practically right next to the Wi-Fi router. So, I took a chance and hooked up the Xbox and TV in my old room, and voila...success!

So, now I have nothing to worry about...besides updating all of my already existing games...finishing my download of Forza 5 from September’s Games with Gold...and installing Forza 7...

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