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XC70, Anyone?

It’s big, brutish, and fits none of my criteria, but this ‘12 Volvo XC70 will make my parents very, very happy.

The question, though, is will it satisfy me? This car has a Polestar badge which would imply a tune as no one outside of our silly little community would know/care otherwise. It is an AWD T6 which is power enough (maybe too much) to take me a little ways off pavement. My main concern is that it is simply massive, although perhaps in Tucson that isn’t so much an issue as a plus since it means more room for passengers and possible dive gear as the Mexican coast is apparently a popular destination. Does anyone have any experience with these newer SI6's? Any issues? Modular engines are pretty stout, so perhaps any complaints with the Haldex system (other than not having traction?) As with my college decision, this may turn out to be the compromise that makes everyone happy, although I won’t realize it until the end. Good night, Oppo.

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